Tech4Win project for the development of transparent smart solar windows converting the light from the sun into electricity

  • Energy storage

The Tech4Win project is coordinated by Solar Energy Materials and SystemsGroup of  IREC. The project aims to develop a next generation PV Windows, a highly innovative transparent photovoltaic window based on the combination of an inorganic UV selective multifunctional coating that is deposited on the first laminated glass of the window, and an organic IR selective solar cell that is implemented at the gap spacer of the window. This “tandem inspired structure cell” will be able to generate on-site renewable energy, guaranteeing a high-transparency degree, achieving a lifetime ≥ 10 years. Energy savings from thermal behaviour and environmental friendly, including energy-efficient labels and product footprint certification. The proposed solution will avoid the use of critical raw materials (CRM), ensuring the absence of potential problems for the future supply of raw materials and allowing a sustainable transfer to mass production levels.

The consortium of Tech4Win project is composed by 8 partners from 5 different countries, including 4 flagship RTD organizations (IREC, CEA, IMEC and TEKNIKER), 3 technology-based SMEs (ONYX, ADVENT and KENOSISTEC) and a large company (ARMOR Beautiful Light ABL). The vast experience of the consortium will be reinforced by the deep commitment of an International Advisory Board (IAB) composed of benchmarking stakeholders of the construction industry.

This project has received funding from the European Union H2020 Framework Programme under Grant Agreement no. 826002, project Tech4Win (Disruptive sustainable technologies for next generation PV windows).

More information about Tech4Win project in the press release and in the website