Organization and Founding Documents

The Foundation Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) was founded in July 2008 as an initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

IREC is a public research institute with a public-private Board of Trustees with the participation of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Spanish Government, Universities as well as representatives of the industry sector in the field of energy.

Its research, development and innovation (RDI) activities began in January 2009. Since its inception, the institute strategy and activities have been designed to contribute to the construction of a more sustainable future with excellent research and innovation in the field of energy. Led by internationally recognized researchers and experts in the field, IREC works closely with the Administration and the industrial sector to boost a local and global energy transition that ensures a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive society.

IREC is a member of the CERCA network, an initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya to support and grow outstanding and competitive research and innovation in Catalunya. The institute is also a TECNIO accredited centre, recognised as a technology developer, which also facilitates the transfer of research to industry.

Founding Documents and Organization

The foundation of the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research formally announced in different documents of the Official Journal of the Catalan Government: 

IREC is organised into Research Groups and Departments. It is led by a Director who reports to the Board of Trustees and is advised by the Scientific Advisory Board. Learn more about the organization of IREC here.

The institute provides access to a range of services and resources, such as specialised facilities and equipment, together with highly qualified technical assistance. The objective is to contribute to the development of projects of interest for the industrial sector or the scientific community.

All the available information regarding the Services offered by IREC can be found here.

In compliance with Law 19/2014, about “transparency, access to public information and good governance”, and Law 21/2014, about “Foundations and verification of activities by public service associations”, in this section you will find detailed information about IREC.